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Welcome to Corum We are truly pleased to introduce ourselves to you and have you on board.

Corum Secure, based in Vancouver, Canada, is the industry-leading provider of multi-biometric security products/solutions in both residential use and commercial project. By advancing various selections of biometric door lock, business security system and office access control, we strike hard to share our highly developed biometric technology and provide the best solution to a wide range of industries that satisfies client’s diverse demand. We offer a series of
biometric solution product to fit various situation and are able to customize the combination of our products. Our comprehensive portfolio includes facial recognition door lock, finger printer door lock, and various types of access control & attendance system in which we continuously explore manifold ways to help our clients build efficiency and security. Corum Secure, the pioneer of biometric security solutions, is always standing for your safety.


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Since 2014

we started our first face recognition protocol

We Expertize In Facial Recognition Access Control
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